Fragrance designer Geir Ness sells ‘Frozen in a Bottle’

Minor Daily News (  |  November 9, 2017  |  By Andrea Johnson (Staff Writer)

Andrea Johnson/MDN Norwegian fragrance designer Geir Ness is selling “Frozen in a Bottle,” a perfume inspired by the Disney movie “Frozen” at the Norsk Høstfest.

Little girls, their mothers and their grandmothers are lining up to buy a perfume inspired by the popular Disney movie “Frozen” at the Norsk Høstfest.

Geir Ness is a Norwegian fragrance designer who also had created the perfume Laila, which is also sold at Disney locations. He said he was pleased when the Disney Corporation asked him to design the fragrance inspired by Queen Elsa and her sister Princess Anna.

“I love the movie,” said Ness. “I’ve seen it over 20 times.”

He said the scenery reminds him of the Norwegian mountains that he visited as a boy.

It took Ness two years and hundreds of attempts to create the fragrance, which combines mountain herbs and lavender scents. He tested different fragrances with unsuspecting members of the public to get their honest opinion about the product. They only knew they were responding to a perfume that was about to be marketed, not that they were talking to the actual designer of the fragrance.

The final result, “Frozen in a Bottle” is a light, refreshing fragrance that reminds him of the Norwegian mountains.

Ness, who has been coming to the Norsk Høstfest for a number of years, is selling “Frozen in a Bottle” and “Laila,” which is named after his mother, at his booth at the Norsk Høstfest.

The perfume is also sold at Disney locations. It is also available at