About Geir Ness

About Geir Ness



Outside Oslo, the mountains of Norway rise into the sky until their peaks are white with snow.

In their valleys, meadows of wildflowers bloom beside sparkling fjords, and trees exude pristine oxygen into the crisp and open air.

Out of this alliance of nature, a fragrance is born unlike any other in the world.

As a Norwegian boy, Geir Ness lived in this alliance: kayaking the fjords, skiing the mountains, picking wildflowers and hiking freely the hills.

Geir would go on to work for some of the finest fragrance houses in the world, but never encountered a fragrance that could match the breath of Norway he’d known as a child. Nothing that could rival its compelling clarity.

Eventually, those mountains called him home and bestowed on him a mission: to mine Norway’s natural elements until he had captured them in a fragrance.

Geir’s mother Laila became the inspiration for his first fragrance. Combining Nordic wildflowers, lavender, and other natural elements of Norway, Geir discovered a unique fragrance that truly reflected his mother’s energy and effervescence. He named that fragrance after her: Laila.

Laila is now a beloved fragrance—an uplifting, unreplicated scent that many claim can instantaneously alter one’s mood and awaken a Nordic optimism of spirit.

But Laila was simply the beginning of Geir’s calling to be Norway’s fragrance ambassador.

Today, further nuances of Norway’s natural scents can be experienced in a full complement of fragrance and body lines that include NORSK SNØ, Geir for Men, and Skin of Norway.

The powerful stories of transformation, renewed hope, love and inspiration told by those who choose Geir Ness fragrances continue to grow, bearing testament to Norway’s incorruptible spirit—the resilience and beauty of that which is truly Norway born.


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