Growing up in Norway, Geir Ness spent weekends in the pristine mountains outside Oslo, hiking, skiing, picking wildflowers and kayaking in the fjords.
Decades later, after working with some of the biggest fragrance houses in the world, he returned to those mountains on a mission. He spent four years mining the rich, natural scents of Norway’s countryside on a quest to develop a fragrance of his own.
As it turned out, Laila was just the beginning. Today Laila is one of Nordstrom’s best-selling specialty fragrances, and the flagship product in a full complement of fragrance and body product lines including Geir for Men, Skin of Norway, and NORSK SNØ.
Each Geir Ness product provides a unique, vibrant experience that leaves you feeling renewed and refreshed, like you’ve just emerged from the sparkling fjords of Norway.