Laila Eau de Parfum (1.7 oz)


  • Laila Eau de Parfum (1.7 oz)

Laila Eau de Parfum (1.7 oz)

Promise Yourself Beauty.


In the name of effervescence and grace: a natural poise.

LAILA by Geir Ness is worn by the truly beautiful, those from whom an aura of attractiveness emanates—one that is entirely genuine.  

Wildflowers and lavender, this fragrance’s sweet and delicate magnetism defies explanation, reminding the heart that life isn’t always about answers. And that beauty is often further beautified by a bit of mystery.

Let the scent of LAILA be your secret spring, your promise to yourself that you’ll never relinquish the inner light that lets you love and makes you so loved.

  • 1.7 oz Laila Eau de Parfum spray

Also available in a larger 3.4 oz  spray

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