Hvit Travel Bag


  • Hvit Travel Bag

Hvit Travel Bag



Make an indelible impression with the Hvit Travel Bag, a small yet statement-making bag that lets you carry your light wherever you go.

The soft, plush faux fur exterior closes with our signature zipper emblem, adding an optimistic pop of color against its snowy white surface. What’s more, Hvit comes loaded with travel-size  Laila Body Wash, Hand and Body Cream,  Eau de Parfum, and our luscious Lip Tingle. As a final, delightful convenience: the incredible texture of the fur makes it easy to find in any larger bag.

What's inside: 

0.5 oz Laila Eau de Parfum

2.0 oz Laila Hand & Body Cream

2.0 oz Laila Body Wash

0.17 oz/5 gms Luscious Lip Tingle 

Size: 7.5” x 1″ x 6.25”

Material: Faux Fur • Poly Satin Lining • Metal Zipper Feet