All Skin of Norway products are suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES.


Start with Energizing Facial Cleanser with Arctic Algae & Minerals

USE: Morning and Evening - The first step in every skin routine. Wet skin, work gel into lather with fingers, massage, rinse well and towel dry.

Instead of soap, energize your skin as you cleanse with a clear, soap-free, water-activated gel. Preserves vital moisture while removing skin impurities, calms redness.


Hydrating Facial Mist with Cloudberry & Fresh Lavender

USE: Morning and Evening after Cleansing or whenever refreshment is needed throughout the day. Close eyes and mist generously over face and neck for deeply hydrated skin.

Calms and soothes tight, parched skin. Improves skin receptivity to other products that follow. Captures moisture deep within skin layers.


Advanced Cell Repair Serum with Resveratrol & Cloudberry

USE: Morning and Evening after Cleansing and before Moisturizing. Apply to moist skin of the face and neck after cleansing and misting; follow with moisturizer.

To reverse signs of aging, reactivate youthful skin proteins with five age-fighting serums in one. Molecular messengers wake up dormant stem cells to energize, firm, and smooth sagging contours with the most advanced cell-protectors available. Especially for mature, dull or dry skin.


Multi-Action Eye Serum with Cloudberry & Firming Peptides

USE: Morning and Evening after Cleansing and before Moisturizing to tighten contours, ease puffiness. Pat gently above and below the eyes; a drop is all that's needed. Soothing serum lifts sagging contours and illuminates dark circles.

Delivers instant hydration for tired, puffy eyes. Smoothes and lifts sagging contours and minimizes dark circles over time.


Natural Moisturizer Repair with Cloudberry & Vitamins C & E

USE: Morning and Evening to lock-in vital moisture after cleansing, misting and applying serums. Apply generously over face and neck as the last step in your skin regimen.

Time-released Vitamins C & E plus skin-loving plant complexes deliver more than just moisture. This lightweight, antioxidant cream protects and repairs a it evens skin tone to revive luminosity.


Detoxifying Hydration Mask with Cloudberry & Watercress

USE: Morning or Evening after cleansing and misting. Use 2 or 3 times a week or for a quick pick-up to restore skin comfort, especially after traveling. Depress pump, smooth liberally over face and around eyes. After 10 - 15 minutes, remove with cool water and face cloth.

Hydrates and boosts skin recovery in minutes. Neutralizes smog, smoke and ozone especially after air travel. Detoxifies at a cellular level to protect DNA from free radical damage.